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Community Fundraising

It is only because of the continued generosity and support of our wide circle of MSC mission friends and benefactors in the Irish Province that the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart can make positive changes in communities that are crying out for aid. Our missionaries very much appreciate your prayers for them, and for those they help, while your financial support is invaluable in enabling our congregation to reach out to those in need.

Multi-ethnic and mixed aged group of children holding a white, sign outdoors that reads "Teamwork". The group is of Latin, Asian, and Indian descent. They are sitting outdoors with a view of their countryside behind them. Collaboration, volunteerism themes.

The majority of our MSC mission projects take place in developing countries, where communities struggle to find adequate food, clothing, housing, education, and medical care. With the help of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart, these communities come together with a renewed spirit, embracing education and social development with a sense of unity and pride.

Your help enables MSC missionaries to provide vital facilities and resources in these disadvantaged areas, and in turn, these vulnerable community groups find a new sense of purpose and direction, and an increased sense of togetherness.

With the help of people like you,Ā these communities, thousands of miles away,Ā can come together with a shared purpose and build a better future for themselves. Community fundraising in the Irish Province and around theĀ worldĀ enables community development in poor countries at the other side of the globe, creating a real sense of unity, pride, and hope. In coming together with friends and family in your own community, you are enabling people in need to do the same.

Some examples of community fundraising that have raised money for our MSC mission projectsĀ in the past are events like coffee mornings, traditional Irish music nights, sponsored walks and cycles, afternoon tea parties, and Mission Boxes in local shops and homes. There is no end to the list of potential fundraising endeavours that could be used to contribute to our mission fund. Enjoy sweet treats at a local cake sale, set up a read-a-thon with your local book club, bring peace to a busy classroom with a sponsored silenceā€¦ The possibilities are endless, and every cent raised will be gratefully received and put towards an excellent cause by our MSC missionaries in the field.

ManyĀ communities, in the Irish Province and around the world, are blessed with a wealth of facilities, support systems, and amenities. By coming together, these community groupsĀ can help to provide basic necessities, like clean water and medical care, to communities on the other side of the world who have nothing.

The MSC vision is a simple one: to share Godā€™s love, everywhere and with everyone. With your help, our MSC missionaries can continue to make this love known through the provision of material aid and spiritual counselling. Your help is deeply appreciated, by MSCs across the world, and by all those touched by your generosity and support.