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Humanitarian Aid

Be it as a result of a natural disaster, a man-made crisis, or the long-term effects of poverty, illness, and injustice, human suffering is a brutal yet very real element of our twenty-first century world. Our MSC missionaries are dedicated to helping those who need it, whatever the circumstances, making the Gospel of Jesus a reality in today’s world.

Our MSC mission projects in Africa, India, the Philippines, and Venezuela are just some examples of the work that we do around the world, striving to save lives, to protect human dignity, to ease suffering, and to help communities to rebuild themselves and strengthen themselves as they look to the future.

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AIDS Awareness

Through the combined efforts of our priests, brothers, sisters, and MSC lay associates, the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart have spent over 15 years offering support and aid to African communities affected by HIV and AIDS. Some of the steps that have been taken to date include education and AIDS prevention programmes, orphan care programmes, medical care, counselling for patients and families, home-based palliative care, and pastoral care.

With a focus on reaching out to help as many people as possible, MSCs in South Africa endeavour to bring relief to the suffering, while educating the wider community in a conscious effort to raise awareness about the impact of HIV and AIDS in today’s world.

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Promoting self-sufficiency in the communities that we help is one of the most important aspects of our work on a worldwide scale. It is our aim to help members of disadvantaged communities to work together to help themselves, endeavouring to create a valid sense of social development and the possibility of a better future for generations to come.

From assisting in education to funding business ventures, the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart have been an active force in helping people living in areas of extreme poverty to come together, working towards a more positive future.

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Our Projects

Our current MSC mission projects incorporate medical centres, schools, care centres, and more; however, it is impossible to describe the true impact of our work in words. The real power of our missionary work can be seen in the communities we have helped to rebuild, in the lives we have saved with medical care, and in the smiles of families who now have hope for a bright future, where before there was only fear.

Our MSCs remain committed in their vocation to be true missionaries of God’s love in our world today. The projects that we undertake, at home and across the globe, show the reality of the MSC mission as we work to make this love real in in all sorts of circumstances and in all walks of life.

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