Beginning the 2023 Lenten journey in Mozambique - Missionaries of the Sacred Heart
02 Mar 2023

As our Lenten journey gets underway here at home, our prayers are with our MSC brothers all over the world, united in this special season of prayer and reflection. These wonderful images were shared by our MSC mission in Metuge, Mozambique, where Fr José Eduardo Paixao MSC celebrated the first Sunday of Lent in a moving ceremony at the community of St Antonio de Metuge.

Originally established in 2018, our MSC mission in Mozambique marks its fifth anniversary in March, as it continues in its ministry to the vulnerable and displaced across the Diocese of Pemba. The need here is great; from the damage caused by natural disasters, to the terrible effects of the constant threats of war, violence, and political unrest, this is a mission that must continuously adapt and respond to the demands of the social climate and the prevailing needs of the local communities and parishioners.

The MSC community in the Irish Province has an enduring relationship with our Mozambique mission, with the friendship and support of our mission friends and benefactors here at home touching the lives of thousands in the district of Pemba. Since 2017, more than 850,000 people have been displaced by war in the region. Many have lost their lives to violence, while many more have gone missing. Together with Fr José, we have been raising funds to support those who have been displaced by war, along with other disadvantaged communities in the community of Metuge, as we work together to provide hope, brighter prospects, and a better quality of life for those in real need.


While local troubles are not at an end, the spirit of hope, perseverance, and unity remains at the heart of our Mozambique mission, and here we see the power of faith and community in these beautiful images of their Lenten celebrations. Please keep our MSC Mozambique mission in your prayers as we journey together towards Holy Week and Easter, with compassionate and open hearts.

Images via the Facebook page for MSC Mozambique, with credit to Abudo Manara.