Mass Bouquet Card Pack of 5 (Set 2A) | Missionaries of the Sacred Heart

Mass Bouquet Card Pack of 5 (Set 2A)

A set of five Mass Bouquet cards, with envelopes. Each pack contains four designs, featuring traditional religious imagery with silver-foil highlights. Those named will be remembered in the Masses and prayers of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart.

Product Code: 2A_SH_21757



MSC Mass Bouquet card sets are a lovely way to mark celebrations, achievements, or special occasions. Each card contains beautiful illustrations and thoughtful prayers and reflections, and includes Mass remembrance for the listed name.

Please note: As this is a pack of five Mass cards, there is no facility for entering the names of the intended during the order process. When you have placed your order, you can then email us at with the names of the intended as you use your Mass cards.