Golden Book of the Sacred Heart - Missionaries of the Sacred Heart

Golden Book of the Sacred Heart

Perpetual enrolment in the Golden Book of the Sacred Heart.

There are two cover options available:
Parchment Card: €12.00
Padded Balacron: €17.00

Main image displayed features the padded Balacron cover. To view the parchment card cover, please see the gallery below.

12.00 & 17.00


The Golden Book of the Sacred Heart is an everlasting gift of perpetual enrolment in the Masses and prayers of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart. With a personalised certificate presented in a beautiful gold-embossed cover (in padded Balacron and parchment card options), the Golden Book is a thoughtful way to mark special occasions or to offer comfort in troubled times. A gift of a Golden Book of the Sacred Heart is also a special way to remember a friend, family member, or loved one who has passed away, offering the comfort of perpetual prayer to those who have experienced a loss.


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