Notice of changes to our online Mass enrolment books - Missionaries of the Sacred Heart
28 Apr 2022

Dear Mission Friends,

Please note that as of May 1st, 2022, there will be some minor changes to suggested donations and delivery charges for Mass enrolment books ordered through our Cards & Gifts section.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, the suggested donation for several of our Mass enrolment books will be increased slightly. These changes are unfortunately unavoidable, as current rates of inflation and mounting energy costs have caused a significant rise in the cost of our supplies, in addition to the increased cost of postage and delivery.

Revised rates

From the beginning of May, the following suggested donations will be in place:

As An Post have also recently increased their charges, the following delivery rates will come into effect from May 1st:

Republic of Ireland €2.00 €3.00 €7.50
Northern Ireland €2.00 €3.00 €7.50
UK €3.00 €5.00 N/A

Thank you

The MSC Missions Office is run as cost-effectively as possible, with every single donation we receive being put to the best possible use. Even so, the progressively rising cost of necessities such as postage and utilities means that we face a constant challenge to manage our organisation efficiently and effectively. It has been 10 years since we last found ourselves in the position of having to raise our rates; however, as daily costs continue to rise, we’re struggling to do more with less, and in line with current circumstances, we have no choice but to reflect this in these small changes to our online service.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our mission friends and benefactors, old and new, for your support of our ongoing missionary work. Every single order makes a real difference to our MSC community, and to our Sacred Heart family across the world. Like many charities, we have keenly felt the effects of the last two years; our fundraising abilities have been severely limited, coupled with the reality of an urgent cry for help from the mission fields, where the poorest people had been fighting a daily battle to feed their families even before the complications of COVID came into play. Every order, no matter how small, helps in some way. Every donation is a significant one. Thank you for your understanding; your friendship and support are quite simply invaluable, and you are in the prayers of our MSCs around the world.