Making the most of summer 2018 through overseas volunteering
29 Dec 2017

Laura, part of the 2017 MSC Volunteering Team, is a primary school teacher from Co. Tipperary …


Volunteering 1

The push and pull of volunteering can be a bit tiring!

“I am on the home stretch here in Ofcolaco at the Holy Family Centre. The last few weeks have went so fast. As the time passes, I realise how important it is to cherish every moment here. To love and be with the children as much as I can.

The team here in Holy Family are friendly, dedicated and work their hardest in nurturing every child here; mentally, physically, socially and emotionally. I take my hat off to all of them and I am grateful to have worked with them.



Volunteering 2

Each day can have its ups and downs

It is hard to put it in words what the centre is like and the experiences you gain. Holy Family, just like its name, is a family and I think it is the perfect word to sum up being here. The first few weeks of being here, allowed us to be with a smaller group of children, 21 to be exact, while the other children spent time with their extended families over the winter holidays. We were able to entertain the children in all types of activities throughout each day, from sports to baking!



Now that all the children are back and school life has commenced. Our duties have changed. I organise the homework club for grade 3 and 4. I support them in their homework and give them additional work to support their learning. I also help with the crèche aged children in the evenings. It is great fun and very lively!


Volunteering 3

It’s not trespassing to move out of your comfort zone


I have learned so much from these children. In particular, to keep smiling even if you are down. Being grateful for what you have and being happy with that. I will miss all the children and staff here. I wish I could do it all over again.”

MSC Volunteering is a signatory of the Comhlamh Code of Good Practice on ethical, sustainable volunteering.

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