Update from Fr Richie : Covid 19 in the Phillipines | Missionaries of the Sacred Heart
31 Mar 2020

“Pandemic Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) has paralized all human activities.  The world’s longing to rest indeed happen, unfortunately great crisis on the part of humanity.  This alarming rate of change is too difficult to pinpoint the cause and effect, we may not have seen the worst of it.  But one thing is clear, this WORLD WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN.  It has hurt most human pride and reminds us again that we need to care for one another.

Before the lockdown so the postponement of our on-going renovations and activities at the Center – we’re able to gave some food provisions to at least 25 construction workers and after a week there are already clamoring for food subsidy from our neighbors or urban poor community.  The situation really is challenging since most of our brothers and sisters are just meeting both ends or enduring a hand to mouth existence.

Because of COVID-19 something invisible came and put everything in its place. Suddenly the cost of gasoline went down, pollution went down, people started to have more time – so much time that they do not know what to do with it – parents are spending time with their kids as a family, work is no longer a priority, or traveling or social life either.  Suddenly we silently see within ourselves and understand the value of the words “solidarity”, “love”, “strength”, “empathy” and “faith”.  In an instant we realized that we are all in the same boat; rich and poor.  That the supermarket shelves are empty and the hospitals are full.
New cars and old cars also stand in the garages, simply because nobody can get out.
Empty streets, less pollution, clean air, the land also breathes.  The human returns to his origins, realizing that with or without money, the important thing is to survive.
Today, health is the main thing, even in spite of wanting to have or possessing.
It took 6 days for the universe to establish the social equality that was said to be impossible.  Fear invaded everyone.  At least this happened to realize the vulnerability of the human being.  Nature is forcing us to clean up the mess made by ourselves.

What the coronavirus is teaching us:
– Our best protection: GOD
– Our best refuge: HOME
– Our best company: FAMILY
– Our real time: TODAY
– Nature’s call: STOP US
– Its message: WAIT, RESPECT

We do not have the power of controlling everything.  The situation is simply telling us to go back to the basics, to the essentials, that the peace of your soul guide you towards what you are: a CREATION.”

Fr Richie MSN