Typhoon relief efforts continue in the Philippines - Missionaries of the Sacred Heart
23 Jun 2022

In the latest update from our MSC brothers in the Philippines, we learn of their ongoing commitment to helping survivors of Typhoon Odette to regain security and quality of life.

On June 10th, the MSC Task Force Typhoon Odette travelled to Guilotungan Island in Cordova, Cebu, to assess the needs of the local community who are suffering the ongoing effects of the damage caused by the typhoon. The assessment took place in order to identify those households who are still in need of help in the reconstruction of safe, secure homes. According to initial reports in the aftermath of the typhoon, 90% of the houses in this community had been completely destroyed. Following their review, the team were able to identify more than 170 households in this island community who are still living in “temporary shelters and makeshift houses”.

The MSC Typhoon Odette Housing Project has already made tremendous strides in rehoming families who were left with nothing when the typhoon struck in December 2021. Construction work has been ongoing across Bayagnan Island in Surigao City since March, with recent blessing ceremonies taking place across the district as MSCs prayed for families beginning a new chapter in their new homes.

The relief work continues as our MSCs, along with a superb team of volunteers and helpers, begin preparations for further aid efforts to assist vulnerable families in the Guilotungan Island region. Please keep our MSC brothers, and the families and communities in their care, in your prayers as they work together on Guilotungan Island and beyond to rebuild for a hopeful future.

Images via the Facebook page for the MSC Mission Office Philippines, Inc.