Novena to the Sacred Heart at Galway | Missionaries of the Sacred Heart
26 May 2020

Our friends at Croí Nua’s schedule for the Novena to the Sacred Heart in Galway.

Thursday 11th 10.00am Opening of the Novena Charles Sweeney MSC.

Theme: “Not our love for God but God’s Love for us.” How can our faith in that God sustain us and give us hope at this time?

Friday 12th 10.00am Tony Horgan MSC.

Theme: ‘The Meaning of the Sacred Heart Devotion in today’s Covid 19 world’

Saturday 13th 10.00am Eileen Kelly

Theme: Our Family—Mary and her struggles in family life.

Sunday 14th 10.00am Corpus Christi Patsy Kelly MSC

Theme: “Christ has no Body now but yours”

Monday 15th 10.00am and 7.30pm Patsy Kelly MSC

Theme: Forgiveness 7.30pm Service of Reconciliation

Tuesday 16th 10.00am Tony Horgan MSC

Theme: ‘The picture of the Sacred Heart in the family home is a traditional, established practice.

What meaning and consolation can an image of the Sacred Heart have for a family in today’s Covid 19 world?

(‘to save the family is to save society’ – Pius X)

Wednesday 17th 10.00am and 7.30pm Charles Sweeney

MSC Theme: Are we being called to see our life, our family, our world in a new way? Can our prayer become ‘To see as Christ sees’.

7.30pm Time for praying for our dead – remembering, forgiving, loving and praying for them.

Thursday 18th 10.00am and 7.30pm Tony Horgan MSC

Theme: ‘Underneath the present dark world of Covid 19, healing continues to happen because of our continually changing relationship with Self, Others, God and Creation.

7.30pm An hour before the Blessed Sacrament. We bring to consciousness the healing power of God’s presence in our lives and our world.

Friday 19th 10.00am Feast of the Sacred Heart Patsy Kelly MSC

Closing of the Novena—Theme: ‘The Human Heart of Christ’.