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27 Feb 2024

Empowering communities in India

For almost 40 years, MSCs in India have provided practical, spiritual, medical, and educational aid to communities in real need of help and encouragement. Today, we continue in our ministry as we adapt to the specific needs of changing times.

MSCs in Therkukalidaikuruchi Village in the Tirunelveli District of Tamil Nadu are working to raise funds to establish a new environmentally sustainable agricultural programme that will preserve and encourage the local ecosystem, while also providing opportunities for employment in the rural population. With approximately 30 acres of land devoted to the fulfilment of the project, the MSC Indian Union is working to develop a model farm that cultivates crops and native trees, while also rearing cattle and poultry, with the aim of “contributing to both environmental conservation and economic empowerment”.

The project will see 1,000 trees planted on the farm, promoting biodiversity and combating deforestation. A variety of crops and fruit-bearing trees will be cultivated alongside the farming of cattle and poultry, while a dedicated MSC team will also provide an educational programme for the local community, covering modern agricultural techniques, marketing strategies, and sustainable practices. The land will also serve as a spiritual sanctuary, “inviting people to connect with nature and experience its transformative power”.

The MSC Indian Union are working to raise a total of €35,300 for the establishment and development of their agricultural programme in Therkukalidaikuruchi Village. This budget includes expenses for tree planting, agricultural infrastructure, livestock management, educational programmes, and the development of a spiritual sanctuary for the local community.

€11,765 will cover the cost of planting 1,000 native trees.
€11,765 will be spent on the cultivation of the land, including the installation of an irrigation system,
planting and caring for crops, developing the land, and paying for essential labour.
€10,594 will purchase cattle and poultry,
along with the necessary equipment, feed, and labour for rearing.
€588 will be spent on educational initiatives and workshops.
€588 will be spent on the development and promotion of a spiritual sanctuary on the land,
including workshops and development programmes.


Sustainable living in rural India

In his encyclical, Laudato Si’, Pope Francis calls for a harmonious relationship between humankind and the world around us, highlighting the inevitable connectedness between environmental, social, and economic issues. The new agricultural programme proposed by the Indian Union of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart will address the pressing needs of local communities in deeply impoverished villages, providing job opportunities, promoting sustainability, and enhancing education and quality of life for rural families.

With your help, MSCs in Tamil Nadu can work to encourage self-sufficiency and community empowerment, while also answering the global call for environmental stewardship.

“Our proposed project will contribute to both environmental conservation and economic empowerment… addressing the needs of the local community while fostering environmental stewardship. By supporting this project, the Irish Province of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart will play a pivotal role in fostering environmental sustainability, rural development, and community empowerment in the MSC Indian Union. Thank you for your support – we look forward to working together to bring about positive change.”
~ Fr Thatheus Darwin MSC
Indian Union Superior