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31 Jan 2023

Dignity and hope at the Chevalier Training Centre

Located in Wainadoi in the province of Namosi, Fiji, the Chevalier Training Centre opened its doors in 1992 with the aim of offering a practical education to underprivileged young men between the ages of 16 and 21.

Each year, the CTC welcomes 60 – 75 young men who come from underprivileged backgrounds, preparing them for employment and making an important contribution to local society. Many of their students have not been able to complete their secondary education, because of poverty in the home or struggles with broken family units, while others find themselves unemployed and lacking the practical skills they need to find employment.

“Our mission is to help these young men to face life with confidence and dignity,” says the CTC community. “Our priority is to assist those who have the least hope.”


Students are taught basic life skills such as accounting and time management, in addition to the curriculum, which includes cabinet making, carpentry, welding and fabrication, motor mechanics, farm management, and animal husbandry.

Students are asked to contribute $150 Fijian dollars, approximately €65, per year; however, many cannot afford to pay. The students also generate income for the centre, through local carpentry and construction jobs, selling their farm produce, and an annual bazaar where goods created during school workshops are sold.

This year, the Chevalier Training Centre is working to raise funds to help with day-to-day expenses, covering costs such as school fees, food, workshops and counselling, and medicine.

  • €345 will pay for all students’ food for one week.
  • €865 will cover school fees for students who cannot afford to pay.
  • €1,730 will be dedicated to medical expenses, wellbeing workshops, and counselling sessions.
  • €3,945 will pay 10% of annual staff wages.
  • €4,325 will buy essential new items of furniture and linen for students.


Second chances at the Chevalier Hostel

Established in 1981 in Suva, in the Fiji Islands, the Chevalier Hostel provides accommodation for young men who are trying to complete their education in the face of severely limiting financial difficulties.

The hostel is currently home to 13 students, between the ages of 13 and 22. The mission of the Chevalier Hostel is to provide a family-oriented, healthy environment for vulnerable youths. The community here also helps to rehabilitate young men who have previously been in trouble with the police, and who now wish to make a fresh start.

The hostel asks for a voluntary contribution of approximately €65 from each student per year, and those that can are glad to contribute. Students themselves also contribute to the running of the hostel, with regular fundraising activities such as selling raffle tickets, or hosting bazaars featuring homegrown produce and homemade cakes and preserves.

With the Chevalier Hostel stretched to capacity, the community is appealing for help in raising money to contribute to daily expenses. “We are grateful to these generous people who support and care for our boys and we thank them sincerely.”

  • €305 will buy the hostel’s food for a month.
  • €520 will pay for fuel for one year.
  • €870 will be dedicated to medical expenses, wellbeing workshops, and counselling.
  • €22 will pay for a Maths or English tutorial.
  • €435 will pay for water and electricity for the hostel for one year.