The MSC welcome a new Superior General | Missionaries of the Sacred Heart
12 Sep 2017

The Missionaries of the Sacred Heart are delighted to announce the election of Fr Absalón Alvarado Tovar MSC as their new Superior General. As part of our 3 week General Chapter in Rome, September 2017, we elected our first Superior General from the Global South, Fr. Abzalón Tovar.

Fr Absalón Tovar MSC - New Superior General

Fr Absalón Tovar MSC – Our new Superior General

Fr. Abzalón, from Guatemala, was the provincial of the Central American Province. He has a Masters in Theology, as well as a PhD in Psychotherapy. He has ministered as a vocations director and a formator, and has worked in parishes in Nicaragua.

In his acceptance speech Fr. Abzalón thanked God for the honour. He also thanked his brother MSCs for their trust and confidence. He promised to do the best he can to serve the Congregation and be there to animate our mission. He then went on to wash the feet of five MSCs from different continents to show the global scope of the call to service as a Missionary of the Sacred Heart.


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