Messages from our MSC's during Covid-19 | MSC Missionaries
08 Apr 2020

msc letters

This is a testing time for all of us and our missionaries let us know that it is yet another hurdle on the other sides of the world where life is already challenging enough. Here are a few messages from our priests:

From Cameroun:

Dear Fr Carl,

Know that we are together in prayer with you particularly for our old confreres of your Province. We think of them and the Benefactors, we do pray for them. From today on and every Thursday evening, we will be having our HOLY HOUR combined with the evening prayer. We would like to do that for this whole difficult period. Thank God that we are still able to celebrate the mass with the whole community. We are really trying ourselves to be aware, to be well and to stay safe.

With our love and prayers,

Jean Manga MSC

From India:

Dear Fr. Carl,

Greetings of the day.

The outbreak of COVID-19 has shaken the whole world. Yesterday our Indian Prime Minister ordered a nationwide lockdown for 21 days and we are not allowed to go out of our houses, all our states and district borders are closed down. I’ve heard on the news that the whole of Europe is also experiencing a similar ‘lockdown’. We are in this together and we will be coming out from within this crisis enriched and full of even more awe and wonder for the God who is ever present – with us wherever we go. I hope and pray all our MSC confreres in England and Ireland are fine and safe. My thoughts and prayers are with you, the MSC community, our friends and Benefactors. Please know that I will remember you all daily in my prayer.

Your brother in Christ,

Darwin Thaddeus MSC (Union Superior).

From Fiji:

Hi Carl!

I hope you are all safe and well at this difficult time. Yesterday, the Prime minister of Fiji has confirmed 4 COVID 19 cases in Fiji. This creates fear and panic to many people. But we are also advised to remain calm and look after ourselves at this time. There has been a ban to all gatherings in the country and people are very much aware of what coronavirus will bring to the islands if we are not careful. We will continue to pray for our supporters, benefactors, all the victims and families affected by coronavirus around the world.

Peace and prayers for you,

Tamati Sefo MSC (Pacific Union Superior)