Celebrating the sacraments in Mozambique | Missionaries of the Sacred Heart
02 Jan 2020

November was a busy time for the MSC mission in Mozambique, where the celebrations of Baptism, Communion, and Confirmation took place throughout the month.

Early November saw Confirmations taking place in the community of Our Lady of Fatima in Meluco. The MSC Mozambique Facebook page described it as a “beautiful” day, and the accompanying photographs give us a glimpse into a very special celebration of faith.

Just over a week later, the community of St Augustine in Muaguide celebrated the sacraments of Baptism and First Holy Communion. Again, this was an exceptionally blessed day for all involved. “This is a time of grace and blessings from God,” said the MSC Mozambique Facebook page.

It is a truly great thing to see communities across our MSC Mozambique mission marking these joyous occasions, particularly as recovery from the devastation caused by two cyclones earlier this year is still ongoing. The strength, resilience, and spirit demonstrated by local communities is an inspiration to behold, and while the journey to recovery is a long and arduous one, moments such as these provide much-needed encouragement and motivation to all involved in the mission.

Blessings to all who received the sacraments, and to the families, communities, and MSCs who joined them in celebration!

Images via the MSC Mozambique Facebook page.