Celebrating Father's Day with MSC Missions | Missionaries of the Sacred Heart
19 May 2021

“Every family needs a father – a father who shares in his family’s joy and pain,
hands down wisdom to his children, and offers them firm guidance and love.”
Pope Francis

This year, we celebrate Father’s Day on Sunday, June 20th. Whether you chat with your father every day or treasure fond memories of your dad, Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to take a moment to celebrate a very special bond, and a love that can’t be measured.

After such a long period of enforced separation, we are more grateful than ever for the love of family. On Father’s Day, we thank our personal heroes, who work so hard to make the family home a happy one, and we remember those fathers whose support and guidance taught us strength, resilience, and a solid foundation for our adult lives.

Our collection of Father’s Day cards is a truly special way to honour a beloved father, whether you will spend the day with your dad or carry his memory in your heart. Each card contains a lovely Prayer for my Father, and each one also contains remembrance in our Father’s Day Triduum of Masses, which will take place this year from Saturday, June 19th to Monday, June 21st. All are welcome to take part in this year’s Triduum, which will be streamed live from the Sacred Heart Church on the Western Road in Cork.


You are also very welcome to submit a prayer intention for your father, or light a candle in our online gallery to mark Father’s Day.

Remember, when you choose from our range of Father’s Day cards, you’re not just making a thoughtful gesture for your own father, but you’re also reaching out to help fathers and their families all over the world. Your support helps us to continue bringing the gifts of faith, hope, and love to parents, children, and communities in some of the world’s poorest countries. Our MSCs work in regions of extreme poverty and hardship, bringing vital aid to people who have nowhere else to turn, and every order we receive makes a real and valuable difference.