A new beginning for the MSC Missions Office - Missionaries of the Sacred Heart
11 Nov 2021

As it is written in Ecclesiastes,
“For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven” (3:1-2)
– and with the dawn of the new year comes a new season for the MSC Missions Office.

The Irish Provincial Leadership Team has announced that Fr Michael O’Connell MSC will be stepping down from the position of Director of the MSC Missions Office in the new year, with Fr John Fitzgerald MSC taking over the role in early 2022.

Fr Carl Tranter MSC

                         Fr Carl Tranter MSC

“I am writing today to share the news that, after 22 years as Director of the MSC Missions Office, Fr Michael O’Connell MSC will be standing down from this post in the new year,” writes Irish Provincial Superior Fr Carl Tranter MSC.

“I am glad to be able to tell you that Fr John Fitzgerald MSC will be stepping into the role of Director,” Fr Carl continues. “Having worked in close proximity with the Missions Office for many years now, I know that Fr John will bring with him many gifts and will be a wonderful addition to the team there.”

As we look ahead to the new year, Fr John is already working closely with Fr Michael and the team at the MSC Missions Office in order to make sure that this new chapter will herald a bright new era for our missionary work in the Irish Province and beyond.

Fr Michael O'Connell MSC

                        Fr Michael O’Connell MSC

“Thank you for your prayers, for your friendship, for your kindness, for your generosity, and for your continued support of our missionaries as they carry out their great work across the world,” writes Fr Michael, in a message to our mission friends. “Your support has been a real gift to me, and as we navigate our new paths, I know that your kindness and generosity of spirit will extend to Fr John in my stead. As I prepare to take my leave, rest assured that you will remain in my heart and my prayers as Fr John and I work together to make sure that this new season will be a peaceful, prayerful, and positive one for all.”

Fr John Fitzgerald MSC

                        Fr John Fitzgerald MSC

Fr John echoes these sentiments as he says, “At the moment, Fr Michael is journeying with me, and thanks to his dedication, he leaves a rich legacy; our missionary work continues, however, and I have every confidence in your support for the future. You are a marvellous community of mission friends and your generosity is a true reflection of the love of the Heart of Christ. I too, like Fr Michael, pray that this new season will be peaceful, prayerful, and positive for all.”

With heartfelt thanks to Fr Michael for his tremendous contribution over the past two decades,
we also extend a warm welcome to Fr John as he takes up his new role.

United in faith, we will continue to work together to shine the light of God’s love
where it is needed most.

Please click to read the full letters from Fr Carl, Fr Michael, and Fr John.

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