Are you up for joining millions of young people at World Youth Day Panama in 2019?

From the 22nd to the 27th of January 2019 World Youth Day is going to take place in Panama in Central America and the MSC Vocations Team is going to be there. If you want to be part of the largest youth event on the planet read on …

World Youth Day 1


What is World Youth Day?

WYD is an encounter of young people from all around the world with Pope Francis in a fun, faith filled atmosphere. It draws people from every corner of the world for an unforgettable experience. “WYD is much more than an event. It is a time of deep and spiritual renewal; its fruits benefit the whole of society” (Benedict XVI). It is an extraordinary way of sharing faith to strengthen youth in our Church. WYD is held every three years and the last one was held in Krakow (Poland) in 2016.


Great, so what’s the point?

World Youth Day 2

It’s a chance to be part of the largest youth event on the planet and to meet Pope Francis

The initiator and first promoter of WYD was Saint John Paul II, who started this movement in order to enhance our personal encounter with Christ, which is life-changing. WYD also promotes peace, unity, and fraternity among people and nations, commissioning the youth as ambassadors of this message. When you gather for the World Youth Day Vigil with millions (and I do mean millions) of other young people you are reminded that you are part of something global, faith filled and amazingly joyful.



World Youth Day 3

It’s about making a real difference as well, like building a multi-sensory garden

What actually happens?

WYD is a multi-day event with two main group of events: the first one is related to the “Days in the Dioceses”, during which the participants visit to different dioceses in the host country, and on this particular occasion, other Central American countries. During these days before WYD, pilgrims interact with local families (who host them) and strengthen their faith through activities with the communities in the parishes. In Krakow we built a multi-sensory garden for people with disabilities and helped to run a youth ministry programme in the local parish.

The second group is the “Main Events”, referring to the activities planned in the host city: the opening Mass, the welcoming of the pope, the way of the cross, the vigil with the Holy Father and the final Mass. It’s an opportunity to meet with other young people from all around the world. There were millions of youth at both Rio and Krakow and the atmosphere is incredible.


Word Youth Day 4

Some of our group on Copacabana Beach, Rio in 2013


Who can go?

The MSC Vocations group for World Youth Day Panama is open to men and women from Ireland and the United Kingdom between the ages of 18 and 35.





Want to know more?

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If you’re interested or would just like to know more you can also contact Fr. Alan on +353 (0) 86 785 7955 Ireland or +44 (0) 75 2676 4236 UK or email us at

World Youth Day 5

The Vigil before World Youth Day in Krakow 2016