How do we explore and engage young people around vocation?

Yesterday was all about engagement. It’s more than just a buzz word. It’s about looking at how we as a Church in general and as vocations directors in particular outreach to young people. Sixty vocations directors from a wide variety of religious congregations gathered in the Emmaus Centre in Dublin to share, brainstorm and realise new and exciting ways of making contact with people considering a call to religious life and the priesthood.


Danny with Jean Vanier at the Brightlights Catholic Festival

The day was facilitated by Danny Curtin, from England. Danny is a good friend of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart. We’ve worked with him over the years through the Brightlights Youth Festival – the biggest most exciting Catholic young adult event in the UK. Danny has worked extensively with Catholic youth groups and charities. He spoke of the dynamic nature of faith among young people and the relationship that exists     ( or doesn’t ) between them and our Church.

indexAs Missionaries of the Sacred Heart we’re working with Danny and a few other key people in youth ministry in England to look at how we are raising awareness around vocations, creating opportunities that invite people and provide a space that allows people to reflect on where God is calling them to in their lives. Starting next Friday my feet won’t touch the ground for three months. Vocations ministry will take me to the US, Spain, England, Brazil, South Africa, Ireland, Venezuela, and South Africa. Between the Brightlights Festival, World Youth Day, the Camino de Santiago, and our volunteering in Africa is a summer of looking at how we can support people as they hear the still, small voice of God that whispers, “Come, follow me.”

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